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Lori Manns


I became a Realtor in Tennessee in 2008 after I had great success selling my for sale by owner in Florida in 2006!

I was born and raised in Florida near Tarpon Springs.

My parents used to vacation in Chattanooga camping and other parts of Tennessee.

 That's where I fell in love with waterfalls.

 I knew when I grew up I wanted to live near a waterfall because Florida doesn't have waterfalls.

So here I'am in Tennessee living my best life near famous waterfalls which is Burgess Falls, Rutledge Falls, Cumming Falls, Fall Creek Falls, Carmac Falls, Rainbow Falls, Rock Island Falls and many more.. that I'm probably missing because I haven't had the chance to explore them yet.

I enjoy meeting my clients and becoming great friends with them after the deal is over.

I started my career out selling mainly Center Hill Lake homes.

In 2010 I branched out to listing and selling commercial and large farms.

I really like the variety of selling homes, commercial and farms.

There is no place to small or to big. I have worked with people I never knew and country music stars, I treat them all the same.

I will also travel from Nashville, Knoxville, Clarksville Chattanooga just to get the job done for my clients.

I like moving around so I can explore new adventures.

I have lived in DeKalb County (Liberty), Cannon County

 ( Woodbury), 

Coffee County(Manchester) and Warren County. (McMinnville).

I have served on three boards DeKalb County Chamber Board. Joe Black Animal Rescue Board

(Which is now DeKalb county Animal Rescue shelter)

 DeKalb County Drug Coalition Board.

I attended a year of 

DeKalb County Leadership Program. I think it is very important to learn about programs so you can learn about the county where you live and sell.

My passion is traveling down back country roads with no GPS on so I can learn every road where I work and live while also looking FOR SALE BY OWNERS!

In my off time, I love to swim & ski at Center Hill Lake, Caney Fork River and Collins River. 

Play with my two fur babies

Arya and izzi-boo (rescue dogs).

Sell antiques in my Antique store on the square in downtown Woodbury.

I love to play mechanic with my husband whom is a 30 year master mechanic whom I adore and have been dating since we were in high school together.

I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing my love for Tennessee and finding you the best bang for your buck!

I love McMinnville, and I hope I can help you find exactly what feels like home to you.